I bought the product at the Primor store. Spain is supplied to 90 stores nationwide, including Barcelona. At Primor on Bly Street in Barcelona, ​​you can find luxury cosmetics such as Lancome, Saint Laurent, Chanel and Kevin Klein. You can find the SOQU brand here.

You can also find your brand in the online store.


SOQU is a signature global brand of Jiwon Bio (CEO Kim Woo-sik), a cosmetic OEM and ODM company. G1Bio, which develops and supplies cosmetics to 14 brands in 18 countries including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, has packed the best quality and products that meet consumer leads in SOQU. Recently, as lifting packs are known through social media as 'Zombie Packs' in Korea, domestic interest in the SOQU brand is also increasing.