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26 Feb I bought 'SOQU' at a European cosmetics store
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I bought the product at the Primor store. Spain is supplied to 90 stores nationwide, including Barcelona. At Primor on Bly Street in Barcelona, ​​you can find luxury cosmetics such as Lancome, Saint L..
16 Feb KBS drama sponsorship
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KBS2 TV  ~  2021.02.17 오 삼광빌라, 비밀의 남자 '쏘큐 화장품 협찬'..
16 Feb Russia -Which cosmetics brand is popular in Korea? SOQU!
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무제 문서 Smart Koreans took into account all the possible needs of women's skin and created a line of products from different, but 100% natural extracts of wild plants and even with the addition..
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